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ZNU-City Gov’t Cooperation
Post Time: 05/01/2018

On December 22, 2017, the Jinhua Municipal People's Government and Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU) held a symposium to promote their cooperation. Zhao Guangjun, Yin Xuequn, Huang Jinchao, Tao Chenghua, Ma Xiaoqiu, and other officials in the Jinhua government and leaders of ZNU such as Jiang Guojun, Zheng Mengzhuang, and Yang Ling attended the symposium. During the meeting, Yin Xuequn and Zheng Mengzhuang signed a framework agreement. Yin Xuequn is the deputy secretary of Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Jinhua, and Zheng Mengzhuang is the president of ZNU.

Since 1965 when ZNU was relocated to Jinhua, it has developed from a teachers’ academy to a comprehensive public university. It has been on the list of Top 100 Universities in China (released by the Chinese Universities Alumni Association) and one of the Top 5 Provincial Normal Universities in China for several consecutive years. In addition, it has been a leader in smart education, child development, the study of Confucian Schools in Zhejiang, and African studies.  

ZNU has also made significant achievements in providing services for Jinhua’s development. It has established the Jinhua Replacing Humans with Machinery Center, technology transfer centers, and the Internet Economy Pioneer Park; co-established research institutes and R&D centers with over 30 companies; launched scientific and technological cooperation with more than 100 leading companies in China; and undertaken over 300 scientific research projects in the past five years. In addition, through the cooperation between ZNU and local institutions, the Mid-Zhejiang Development Research Institute, Legislation Research Institute, Quality Research Institute, Xingzhi College, and Wucheng Innovation Park were established. The integration of enterprises, universities, and research institutes has injected dynamism and vitality into the upgrade and transformation of the local economy.

Zhao Guangjun, on behalf of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and the Jinhua Municipal People's Government, extended his appreciation to ZNU for its great contributions to Jinhua’s economic and social development. He commented that great opportunities have arisen for cooperation between the university and enterprises in Jinhua, and as a result, it is of great importance to combine education and talents with development.

He also said that, centering on the construction of modern urban districts, Jinhua will maintain the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to accelerate the construction of the Comprehensive Transportation Corridor, the Jinyi Sci-Tech Corridor, and the Mid-Zhejiang Ecological Corridor. These projects to construct modern urban districts provide platforms for cooperation between the university and local institutions, which means ZNU is of great significance to the development of Jinhua. Meanwhile, for ZNU to become one of the first-class universities in China, it is also important for the university to take every opportunity for progress.

Zhao Guangjun requested that both parties step outside the norm to seek mutual benefit. Jiang Guojun suggested that strategic cooperation between ZNU and local institutions is destined to result in great achievements. ZNU will seize opportunities to make more contributions to the development of Jinhua accordingly. (By Pan Yi, translated by Pu Yanli, edited by Kendra Fiddler)







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