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Young Jinhua Man’s Global Tour
Post Time: 09/01/2018

During 2016, a young Jinhua man named Wang Jianbo traveled to 41 countries, where he took 52,840 pictures. He held a photography exhibition after returning to his homeland. In 2017, he selected the 68 pictures most representative of his travels and published them in the book Simple Pursuit and Pure Happiness. On January 6, 2018, Wang held his first book signing and sales conference at Jinhua Book City and shared the stories behind the pictures.


Jinhua, Starting Point of Stories

When asked why he held his first book signing conference in Jinhua, Wang answered that he had always wanted to return to his hometown of Jinhua no matter how far he traveled.

As his new book was published by Zhejiang Science and Technology Press in Hangzhou, the first book signing event was supposed to be held in Hangzhou. But Wang insisted on making Jinhua the first choice as he considered Jinhua the starting point of all his stories.

The topic of Wangs national book signing conference is Ten Thousand Group Photos See You in My Future. Wang said, “I want to take photos with every person who comes to my book signing. By taking and preserving the pictures, every one of them will be a good memory to recall in the future.


Special” Travel Experiences

Before Wangs book signing conference, he shared several special experiences during his visits in 41 countries. First of all, he talked about one of his three experiences of being locked up in small dark rooms at airports.

Indonesia was the first destination on Wangs global tour. Normally, tips for the staff who handle immigration are required at the airports of Southeast Asian countries when you enter them as a foreigner. “When I was about to enter Indonesia, I did not tip the staff. Because I didn’t, they did not put the entrance stamp in my passport, said Wang.

Several days later, as he was about to leave Indonesia for the next destination, he was stuck at the airport. “Because there was no entrance stamp in my passport, the airport staff considered me an illegal,Wang continued. Because of Wangs poor English, communication with the staff became a major problem, and he was subsequently locked in a small dark room at the airport for seven hours.

The background of the cover of Wangs new book is a copy of his photograph called Chasing, in which two children chase each other and play on the beach, with a vast halo of sunset behind them. The meaning conveyed by the photo is: “Learn to stay pure, and keep pursuing your original dreams. Simple pursuit brings pure happiness.”

This photo was bought by a Chinese American at a price of 5299 RMB. Curious about the buyer, Wang delivered the framed picture to the buyer in Shanghai in person with the consent of the buyer.

The buyer told him, “The children in the photos are just like my own kids, and I hope that my kids will stay happy in the days to come.The buyer wants to put up the photo at his home to remind himself to never impose his own will on his children, but let them be themselves.

Wang has had ups and downs in his life. Xu Jiannan, director of the news acquisition department of Jinhua Daily, commented, “Having experienced so much in his life, Wang yet stays true to his original self and still has the courage to pursue his dreams anew. It shows his purity in pursuit of his dreams.

Wangs parents were also present at the book signing conference in Jinhua. According to Wangs mother, Wang always brings his parents along to his exhibitions, book signings, and sales conferences. Now his parents are beginning to understand their sons pursuits better.

“I want to take my parents to travel the world with me.” Wang made this his New Year’s resolution at his first book signing conference. (By Cai Wenjie, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Kendra Fiddler)



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