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Express Service in Villages
Post Time: 09/05/2018

At 2 p.m. on April 24, Yu Yangkang, a courier at the sorting center of Pujiang STO Express Co., Ltd. in the Yuzhai area, was loading parcels for delivery. When villages were unavailable for express service, there were about 100 pieces to be delivered each day. Now there are 200 to 300 parcels to be delivered each day in the off season and 800 parcels each day in the busy season.


Express Service Boosts Agricultural Products Sales

On April 23, Nie Hongcang, a villager in Gaoshan Village of Yuzhai Town, Pujiang County, delivered 30 packages of specialty goods to customers through express delivery. “Express service and e-commerce development in the village not only allow villagers to buy products selling in cities, but also allow high-quality agricultural products to travel through the network,” says Wu Hong, director of Pujiang Network Economy Development Bureau.


Rural E-Commerce Villages Emerging

With the development of the Five-Water Management, Three Renovations, and One Demolition projects, Shibutou Village of the Pu’nan Sub-District has completed the rebuilding of rural houses and built the largest e-commerce agglomeration area in the Pujiang-Jiangnan E-Commerce Park. At present, there are 208 shops in the park, including 152 foreign stores and 56 local stores. In 2017, as a provincial-level e-commerce park, Jiangnan E-Commerce Park reached annual sales of 910 million RMB. (By Qian Zeng, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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