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“Yiwu Online” Platform is Launched
Post Time: 09/05/2018

On April 9, “Yiwu Online” government service platform was officially launched. The platform has 41 available procedures in 25 sectors of 7 departments, including the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs, the Local Taxation Bureau, and the Market Supervision Bureau. Via the platform, citizens and enterprises can directly handle the necessary procedures using their ID cards or credit code. In the first 24 hours of platform opening time, the total amount of online procedure requests for Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Financial Markets Regulator, Public Security Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Archives Bureau, Agriculture and Forestry Bureau reached 2028.

For Yiwu, the successful launching of “Yiwu Online” is a step forward in developing the reform of the “One-Time Visit” policy (a policy to simplify administrative approval procedures). “Yiwu Online” Office of the Yiwu Administrative Service Center is still very busy with working on forms design, platform construction, and other aspects.

In order to complete the construction of the online service platform as early as possible, the “One-Time Visit” is running over 60% of all the matters via the Internet. At the moment, Yiwu is actively increasing the number of procedures handled through the Internet, and gradually improving people’s satisfaction and sense of getting results by handling affairs online. By the end of April, there will be 100 procedures available via the platform. (By Wang Ting - Yiwu Business, translated by Nataliia Litvinova, edited by Cristina Bonacin)


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