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Pujiang Leader Comforts Bereaved Family
Post Time: 12/07/2018

On the afternoon of July 5, when Zheng Lanqing, a resident of the village of Zaoyuan, Zhengzhai Town, was traveling with four family members in Phuket, Thailand, the yacht named Phoenix capsized, and Zheng’s four family members died. When the Pujiang government found out, they immediately set up an emergency team to deal with the incident.

Zheng has an 80-year-old mother-in-law named Fang Ruxian living in Qian’er Village of Huang Zhai Town. In the evening of July 7, Yu Wentong, a leader of Pujiang County, came to comfort Fang with a delegation on behalf of the Pujiang government.

Yu expressed sincere sorrow for the death of Fang’s family members. Yu held Fang’s hand, asking after her health. He hopes that she will be able to recover from this suffering as soon as possible and told her that the Pujiang government will offer her help whenever it is needed. Additionally, Yu asked the committee of Qian’er Village to help Fang, as much as possible, to solve any difficulties that arise in her daily life. (By Wang Jing Pujiang News, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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