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Zhongyu’s “Golden Fruit”
Post Time: 06/08/2018


Invited by Zhongyu Town’s Party Committee and government, a group of merchants from Hong Kong came to the Zhouzhai Yellow Peach Orchard in Zhongyu Town, Pujiang City, on July 22.

On their way to the orchard, the Hong Kong merchants were duly impressed by the local environment and the air quality and consistently expressed their confidence in the quality of the peaches. They also asked the orchard managers about the average number of peaches that each tree could bear and about the annual production.

After they toured the orchard, the Hong Kong merchants spoke highly of the Zhongyu peaches, which are perfect in appearance and taste great. Both parties were very positive about the peach market and expressed their hopes that they would be able to foster long-term cooperation in the future.

At present, the yellow peach orchard in Zhongyu covers an area of over 2000 mu (about 1.33 km2). The trees that are expected to bear fruit this year cover 1100 mu (about 0.73 km2), which will produce 1500 tons of yellow peaches. The yellow peaches have become a brand product of Zhongyu Agriculture, and the “Golden Fruit” has improved the living standards of many peach farmers. (By Cai Wenjie Jinhua Daily, translated by Sun Yin, edited by Xiamara Hohman)


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