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Wu Opera in Turkey
Post Time: 27/12/2018

  On the evening of December 18 in Turkey, a delegation of the Chen Meilan Troupe from the Zhejiang Wu Opera Research Institute gave a special performance at Afyonkarahisar Municipal Conference Center in Afyon Province, Turkey.

  It was the first performance of Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe during their visit to Turkey. The classic selected scenes of the Wu Opera and Wu Opera musical programs, including Three-Way Crossing (Sanchakou), Lü Bu Tries the Horse (Lü Bu Shima), The Legend of the White Snake (Baishezhuan), Golden Monkeys Celebrate Spring Festival (Jinhou Naochun), and Mu Guiying Heroine, riveted the audience of over 600. Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz of Afyon Province and Mayor Burhanettin Çoban also greatly enjoyed the show and took photos with the performers afterwards.

  In recent years, the Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe has frequently performed abroad. In 2018, the troupe has promoted cultural exchange by performing in Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Egypt, Eritrea, Burundi, Japan, Singapore, and Turkey.

  The Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe, through its exquisite performances, helps audiences in different countries get to know and appreciate the beauty of Wu Opera. (By Miao Qing, photographed by Huang Qinghua, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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