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New Jinhua Railway Station Finished
Post Time: 08/01/2019


At 9 a.m. on December 28, the new Jinhua Railway Station started its trial operation.

“In the future, it will not only be a modern integrated transport hub, but also a window to peer into the city and the culture.” With the countdown of its opening, the new station’s construction team leader, Mao Shiliang, is very excited.

In 2015, the project of Jinhua South Railway Station and its south square kicked off.

According to the staff of the construction team, the total investment of the project was 1.06 billion RMB, covering an area of 64,500 m2, including a bus station, a BRT station, a taxi stand, a parking lot, and a transfer hall.

With the opening of the new south station and the south square, the north and south stations will be joined. The south station is the waiting hall for ordinary trains, and the north for high-speed trains. After the joining, passengers will all be waiting in the same hall.

The expanded waiting hall covers 11,658 m2, which can accommodate up to 8,500 passengers with 1178 seats. There are 10 ticket windows and 36 ticket gates. An enquiry desk is located in the central part of the waiting hall, offering convenient service for passengers.

In order to ensure the smooth operation and to serve passengers better, a comprehensive logistics service has been arranged. At present, the north-south channel and advertisement columns have been completed. Property security, cleaning, management, and engineering personnel have been properly trained and put in place. The new parking lot will also open soon.

The commercial area in the south plaza is located on the mezzanine (1000 m2) and underground floors (5000 m2). The businesses will mainly be convenience stores, catering, tourism services, local specialties, etc.

The new railway station integrates various modes of transportation: high-speed trains, ordinary trains, buses, taxis, and so on. It accomplishes inter-city and intra-city transportation in the same place.

The taxi stand is on the west side of the underground floor, the bus area on the east side of the ground square, and the BRT on the west side of the ground square, making travel fast and convenient.

Bus arrangement has been improved a great deal. Passengers who want to transfer to the bus can take an escalator that takes them directly to the bus station on the south square. Meanwhile, a new underground channel leading to Jinhua West Bus Station has been built to achieve seamless docking.

The new bus system offers many choices, convenient for transfer. It will become Jinhua’s largest public transportation network. (By Sheng You, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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