7th World Cultural Forum Held in Egypt

Post Time: 2019-06-19

On June 9, the 7th World Cultural Development Forum was held in Cairo, Egypt. More than 60 scholars from China, the United States, Egypt, Mexico, Romania, India, South Korea, and other countries arrived for the forum.

Themed “the construction of moral consensus and the common values of human beings,” the forum was the best response to recent series of events in the international community, said Professor Mostafa Elfeky.

The forum also held the Blue Book release conference of the “Report on Chinese Culture Development.” The editor of the Blue Book of Cultural Construction and special professor at Shanghai University, Sun Weiping, introduced the basis of the report.

Having been released for six consecutive years, the Blue Book “Report on Chinese Culture Development” provides valuable theoretical reference and data support for the top-level design and development practice of Chinese cultural construction, and provides data points for promoting the construction of a culture-strong country. (By Qu Xiangyu, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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