Wang Wins Two Gold Medals

Post Time: 2019-06-21

In the 10th National Games of the Disabled and the 7th Special Olympic Games, 36-year-old Wang Lili showed her strength once again in the rowing race. She won the PR1 M1x 2000-meter and 1000-meter Women’s Single Sculls Rowing Race. In September of 2016, she won the silver medal in the PR1 Mx1 Women’s Single Sculls Rowing Race at the Paralympic Games held by Brazil.

In the latter half of 2017, the International Rowing Association launched a schedule reform, extending the distance of the Women’s Single Sculls Rowing Race from 1000 meters to 2000 meters. Wang, at the age of the 34, reappeared in the World Championships after receiving the notice from the National Disabled Rowing Team.

As the oldest athlete, Wang overcame the difficulties and pressure of age, physical strength depletion, and injuries to continue her high-intensity training. In the 2000-meter rowing race on June 14, she was far ahead of the second-place finisher, completing the race before her by more than a minute.

On June 16, Wang told reporters that this competition was not the end of her career. She will continue to train for the World Championships and shoot for a spot in the Tokyo Paralympic Games. (By Guo Yuheng – Donyang Daily, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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