Yiwu Hosts Conference for Prominent Yiwuers

Post Time: 2019-09-04

    On September 13, influential and famous Yiwu people from around the world are to gather at the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Yiwu International Conference Centre. With the theme of “Yiwu People Worldwide Discussing Yiwu Home Affairs,” the conference invited famous and influential Yiwu people from home and abroad who could have a big influence on or contribution to Yiwu's economic and social development.

    During the conference, there will be live streaming on some big projects, activities, seminars, and talks, which would all contribute to the future development of Yiwu. Some influentials who are not from Yiwu were also invited to enjoy the green, comfortable, and business-oriented environment in Yiwu. (By Tan Zhixiao, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)