Dynamic Jinhua and Champions'Night

Post Time: 2019-09-04

    On August 24, Wantai Holding Group Co., and the Olympic champions promoted the gala themed “Dynamic Jinhua and the Night of Champions” at the Municipal Sports Center. Together with more than 2,000 spectators, Cai Yan, the district secretary; Lin Jianxin, organizer of the event and chairman of Wantai Holding Group Co., Ltd.; along with other leaders and the responsible persons of the relevant departments, enjoyed a cultural and sporting feast.

    Five champions gathered in Jinhua: Li Xiaopeng, an Olympic champion who was selected for the 23rd International Gymnastics Hall of Fame; Ye Shiwen, the youngest Olympic two-time gold medalist; Fu Haifeng, the first to successfully defend his Olympic championship in badminton men's doubles; Jiang Yiyuan, former captain of the Chinese women's gymnastics team; and Zhu Fangyu, the first to score 10,000 points of China Basketball Association. Before the opening of the gala, Cai Yan visited the Olympic champions, and Li Xiaopeng, Fu Haifeng, Ye Shiwen, Zhu Fangyu, and Jiang Yuyuan were in high spirits. Cai and other leaders greeted them and took photos together.

    Cai introduced the economic and social conditions, urban construction, and sports undertakings of Jinhua to the Olympic champions. She commented that sports are an important embodiment of national strength and social civilization, and are of great significance for the establishment of a beautiful and happy Jinhua. (Translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)