Facial Recognition: New Smart Home Experience

Post Time: 2019-09-29

      On September 20, the world's leading AI company Sensetime (sensetime.com) held a launch event–“3D Facial Recognition Solutions for Smart Door Locks”–in Yongkang, a city known as the “Chinese capital of doors.” The event assigned the expansion of Sensetime to the field of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AioT).

      These solutions for smart door locks are based on Sensetime's software and hardware technologies such as a face-recognition algorithm and a 3D-bionic-binocular infrared camera that will provide accurate unlocking functions through facial recognition, despite significant angles or dark lighting, and through live detection. Such features will prevent high-definition photos, screenshots, human skin masks and other malicious attacks, bringing users convenient, safe, and efficient smart-home solutions.

      As the “Chinese capital of doors,” Yongkang represents the highest level of China's door industry, and at the same time brings together a large number of outstanding door enterprises and hardware manufacturing enterprises. Sensetime's presence in Yongkang signals a strong alliance with the local door-and-lock-manufacturing enterprises, represents a major AI update in the industry, and jointly promotes the innovation and development of smart-door-lock products.

      “We have an extensive practical experience in the integration of artificial intelligence technology with traditional industries,” Wang Xiaogang, co-founder of Sensetime said. The smart-door-locks area is one of the most promising parts of the smart-home industry, “We hope to bring leading face-recognition technology to partners and customers, including Yongkang's local, outstanding enterprises, which will definitely result in the further innovation and development of the whole industry.”

      At present, Sensetime's original AI technologies have been applied to many industries and widely used in various devices and fields, such as smart phones, Internet entertainment, automotive, medical, retail, education, finance, and smart cities. Sensetime's launch of these solution is another innovative step in the practice of AI empowerment, which will provide users with a more comprehensive experience of smart-home life. (By Wu Junyong, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)