Investigation of Rail Traffic Project

Post Time: 2019-10-06

     On August 27, an investigation of the Jinhua-Yiwu-Dongyang rail traffic project was carried out by the municipal Party secretary of Jinhua, Chen Long. Focusing on remaining true to the project's original aspirations and keeping the mission firmly in mind, he put forward some suggestions: the theme should be combined with the “three services” and routine work to accelerate development, and the companies of rail traffic and the relevant departments should work together to create a valuable project with the highest quality and practicability.

     The total investment of the project has reached 17.483 billion RMB since May 2019, which is halfway to the final goal. After inspecting many different aspects, Chen Long and his colleagues debriefed the project. He admires the progress of the project and the ideas of further comprehensive development. He suggests more attention be focused on the project since it is the most important investment in Jinhua and is beneficial to Jinhua, Yiwu, and Dongyang. He also asked for all parties to work together to solve problems surrounding policies, funds, and talents.

     In order to complete the project ideally, Chen Long requested relevant departments to focus on five aspects: making an efficient, reasonable schedule of construction; guaranteeing the quality by not cutting corners on workmanship and materials; assuring security by implementing a production responsibility system; pursuing creativity by learning from the experience of more mature workers while cultivating new talents to reach higher standards based on more advanced ideas and more scientific methods; and avoiding corruption by strengthening discipline among all levels. (By Huang Xiaohua, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)