Jinhua Tractor Captivates Ghana's Interest

Post Time: 2019-11-19

      During the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (Jinhua), Dr. Nura Jara, Ghana's Minister of State in charge of Food and Agriculture, came to Jinhua Mutian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to conduct an on-the-spot investigation of a multi-functional mountain tractor produced by this company.

      “This tractor is quite suitable for Ghana, and it will definitely bring great changes to the modes of agricultural production in Ghana,” Nura remarked, which delighted the heads of Mutian.

      The tractor that captivated Nura's interest is called “Little Bison.” It was in April this year that the design of this tractor was set and it began to go into small-batch production. To date, sales contracts with a total volume of 2237 tractors have been signed and Ghana intends to sign a government procurement contract of 300 tractors.

      “It seems that this tractor, tailored for the countries along the Belt and Road, has been recognized by the market,” said the spokesman of Mutian.