New Year's Concert by Two European Orchestras

Post Time: 2019-12-24

On January, 2020, French Philharmonic Orchestra and Gothenburg Girls Angels Choir of Sweden will bring Jinhua's citizens a brilliant performance at the New Year's concert. At the turn of the year, musicians will play world-renowned classic symphonies and pieces of classical Chinese music. 

French Philharmonic Orchestra is composed of sixty-five young and middle-aged musicians who graduated from various institutes of music in France. It is one of the most popular French orchestras whose performances have gained worldwide reputation.

Gothenburg Girls Angels Choir of Sweden was established in 1985, and they have performed all across Europe. In recent years, Girls Angels Choir has begun to frequently emerge on the stage of international competitions and has even been invited to perform on popular TV shows. The choir is also often invited to perform in the Gothenburg opera house, Gothenburg Concert Hall, and even perform in the Riksdag building for the king and queen.


Organizers: Zhejiang Wuju Opera Academy of Arts (Zhejiang Wuju Opera Troupe) Jinhua Daily News Media Group

Performers: French Philharmonic Orchestra & Gothenburg Girls Angels Choir of Sweden

Time: 7:30 p.m. on January 3, 2020

Venue: China Wuju Opera House

(By Lang Qingyu,translated by Huangdan, edited by Mariam Ayad)