Top 10 Governing Cases in Jinhua

Post Time: 2020-02-03
 In order to summarize the experience of each department in deepening the “One-Time Visit” reform and digital transformation, and to improve the modernization of governance, the Leading Group Office of Jinhua Digital Transformation organized an event to select the top 10 outstanding cases and top 10 ten innovative cases of digital transformation. On January 21, the results of the selection were announced as follows:

The reform of “certificate-free city” (a document and certification simplification reform that aims at satisfying the demands of citizens without asking them to show certificates) in Jinhua, the application of the Internet in supervision in Jinhua, the simplifying of retirement procedures in Jinhua, the integration of four platforms in Dongyang, and six other cases have been selected as the Top 10 Outstanding Cases for the Digital Transformation of the Jinhua Government. Innovative management in digital invoicing for medical charges in Jinhua, the exploration of the supervision network for cultural relics in Lanxi, personal credit evaluation applications in Jinhua, and seven other cases were named in the Top 10 Innovative Cases for the Digital Transformation of the Jinhua Government. (By Zhang Haibin, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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