Medical Supplies from Overseas

Post Time: 2020-02-06
 On February 1, the first batch of goggles and protective clothing arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It was transported from the U.K. by Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. (ZCCCG). The batch of medical supplies gained customs clearance and was shipped and delivered on that day with the support of all parties, and finally arrived at the Yiwu Center for Disease Control and Prevention the next evening. This batch of medical supplies totals 4.5 tons, including 2284 medical goggles, 12,055 pieces of high-grade protective medical clothing, and more, all of which were in short supply at the moment.

During the special period of epidemic prevention and with the help of Yiwu Economic and Information Bureau and Yiwu Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ZCCCG carried out global procurement of medical supplies by taking advantage of its avenues of global purchasing. The Group spared no effort to find suppliers of materials for epidemic prevention to meet the medical demand, responding to the call of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. On January 27, ZCCCG conducted business with GV Health Co., Ltd., a world-renowned British medical device company, and they signed a purchase agreement the next day.

With incomplete data to February 3, ZCCCG has purchased more than 1.4 million medical and other materials for epidemic prevention such as masks, protective clothing, thermometers, and disinfectants from overseas. It will continue to purchase related materials according to actual conditions. The second batch of donated direct-purchased materials was sent from the U.K. and Switzerland in the past two days, and another 10,000 masks of the 1860 type made by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (also called 3M 1860 mask) have been shipped from Dubai. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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