Green Channel for NCP Relief Goods

Post Time: 2020-02-15
      On February 9, a group of 371,200 medical masks valued at 1.8 million RMB were cleared by Jinhua Customs through the green channel specially created for relief goods to support the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP). “Jinhua Customs instructed us the whole way through the procedure, from applying to getting clearance. I believe we can win the battle!” said Chen Guorong, director of the goods delivery of Dongyang Fulang Import and Export Co., Ltd.

On February 5, Yang Gang from Jinhua Customs received an inquiry call from Dongyang Entrepreneurs Association: “Hello, I have imported a batch of medical masks, and I want to donate them to the Red Cross Society of Dongyang. How do I navigate customs clearance?”

After learning that it was relief goods to help fight against NCP, Jinhua Customs immediately opened a green channel and assigned an official to guide the company through the customs clearance procedure.

Since the outbreak of NCP, Jinhua Customs has published the consultation hotline for the customs clearance of relief goods, and has opened a special window and green channel for those goods to save time. (By Luo Yi, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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