Chen Long Visits Jinyi New Urban District

Post Time: 2020-03-16

On March 9, Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, visited Jinyi New Urban District. Zheng Yuliang and Zhang Weiya also participated in the visit, accompanied by Zhang Xinyu. Chen emphasized that as the center of the development strategy of urban areas, Jinyi New Urban District carries the expectations of the Party Committee and of local people. As such, it is necessary for Jinyi to implement all projects in a timely fashion based on the instructions of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee.

In Shangshatang Village of Caozhai Town and Shitatou Village of Xiaoshun Town, Chen visited the Jinhua Science and Technology City and Jinyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, and investigated the renovation of urban villages project. He pointed out that the expansion of the District and the renovation of urban villages meets the aspirations of local people for a better life as well as the requirements to further develop Jinyi New Urban District. Chen commented that those responsible should work harder to refine the work plan, improve the living environment and the city impression management, and accelerate the fusion of industry and city.

Chen also visited Shixie Village and the old town to check on the project of building a smart, ecologically friendly city, the location of high-level hospitals, and the governance of small towns. He said that the construction of future communities is an important topic related to exploring the future of urban development, and medical and health services are integral to the livelihood of the people. Relevant departments must take advantage of the transportation and industry in the Jinyi New Urban District, match the requirements of local development, and strengthen their overall planning.

Later, Chen attended a meeting and listened to a progress report on several projects, then issued further instructions. He stated that the development of Jinyi New Urban District is directly connected to the integration of Jinhua and Yiwu, as well as to the promotion of urban areas. We must deepen our understanding of the strategic significance of the construction of Jinyi New Urban District, concentrate all resources, and work together to advance the construction of this new district. Specifically, he put forward four requirements, as follows: 

1. We should further improve the planning of core areas, make appropriate policies based on local conditions, highlight key points, and build a new urban area suitable for living and working by taking advantage of the local environment and transportation; 

2. We should push forward the renovation of urban villages project, with more space to support the introduction of large platforms and projects. It is necessary to coordinate different departments, esteem the construction of the new district in a more prominent position, and concentrate all the resources of the urban area to move forward; 

3. We should consider the development of the new district our duty, and strengthen our support and participation in the process. Jindong District should take responsibility for the new district and be a strong support for it. Meanwhile, Jinyi itself should communicate with relevant parties actively; 

4. We should act with discipline and let our loyalty and spirit be tested through fighting against the virus and fighting to resume production, and to ensure better and faster development with a good atmosphere. (Sheng You  Jinhua Daily, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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