Wuyi Attracts New Energy Automobiles Project

Post Time: 2020-05-21
    On May 13, the government of Wuyi County signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Upincar Auto Services Co., Ltd., marking the official settlement of the new energy Upincar automobiles project in Wuyi, with a total investment of 2 billion RMB.

Upincar Auto Services Co., Ltd. plays an important role in the downstream industry chain of China’s new energy vehicles (NEVs), and its business mainly covers NEV sales, new energy financing, battery charging and switching, and insurance. The settlement of this project will help to establish “a base and three centers”; namely, a production base for NEV battery charging and switching technology, a new infrastructure operation center, an international exhibition and export center for new energy automobiles, and a financial accounting center for the new energy industry.

“Wuyi has huge potential in the industrial and cultural tourism industries, and has a favorable business environment. Therefore, we have great confidence in the cooperation,” said Li Jia, chairman of the Shanghai branch of Upincar Auto Services.

Next, the company will push forward the implementation of the “Upincar companion” project, set NEVs and battery charging station for all hotels in Wuyi, provide package services for businessmen and tourists, and add new vitality to the development of the NEV services industry. (By Wu Junyong, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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