First Cross-Provincial Group Tour

Post Time: 2020-07-28

On July 17, Wushi Village in Pan’an County received a tour group of 43 people, which was organized by Shanghai Guangda International Travel Agency. The first tour group from another province visiting the village since the launching of the plan of “cross-provincial group tours,” the group spent a refreshing three-day, two-night summer stay here.

Since the tourism industry resumed operation, Pan’an has fast-tracked the construction of key projects relating to the cultural and tourism industries, promoted the upgrading of traditional scenic spots, issued shopping vouchers totaling 10 million RMB, enhanced efforts to market online, and accelerated the recovery of the markets of culture and tourism.

On July 14, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China released the Notice on Promoting and Expanding the Resumption of Work and Production for Tourism Companies, which allowed travel agencies and online tourism companies with the proper conditions to resume operation, institute cross-provincial group tours, and book plane tickets and hotels. The supporting policy promoted the resumption of work of the tourism industry in an orderly manner.

Based on implementing various prevention and control measures, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Pan’an demanded all scenic spots cooperate and do their utmost to ensure the safety of tourists. Tourism companies must assume primary responsibility for their members’ safety, formulate emergency plans, and clarify emergency measures and procedures for pandemic prevention and control.

When carrying out the “cross-provincial group tours” business plan, Pan’an requires each group’s travel agency to check and register the tourists’ two codes (health codes and itinerary codes) and their body temperature before they join a tour group. (By Feng Junjiang, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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