Solarium Max Developed at ZNU

Post Time: 2020-07-29

The Zhaoshuo Photoelectric Team of Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU) has developed a portable solar generator called Solarium Max. It took the team over two years to develop the device, which is favored by businessmen from many countries in Asia and Africa.

In 2018, during an academic exchange program for international students held in Jinhua, two Syrian students and a Cameroonian student came up with the idea of inventing an economical and portable solar generator. Over the past two years, the three international students, together with another seven Chinese students, have completed the research and development of Solarium Max. At present, the National Intellectual Property Administration of the People’s Republic of China has accepted the patent application of the device.

Lin Haobo, the project instructor of the team, said that although the generator has not gone into mass production, many wholesalers, distributors, and foreign trade companies from Cameroon, Syria, Yemen, and other countries and regions have signed agreements, expressing their intention of working in cooperation with the project. This generator project relies on the advantages of Jinhua’s photovoltaic industry in terms of cost, manufacturing, and cross-border channels. The generators will be produced and assembled in Jinhua and sold to the Middle East and African countries. (By Xu Jiannan, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Mariam Ayad) 

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