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Directory of Medical Institutions

  Jinhua Central Hospital

   (Hospital introduction; Address: No. 351 Mingyue Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang; Tel: 0579-82338512; Fax: 0579-82318024; E-mail: jhyydb@163.com; Website: http://www.jhzxyy.cn/zxyy/ Common telephone No. and traffic routes of the hospital

  Jinhua Hospital

  Hospital introduction; Emergency Tel: 0579-82381120 82136720; Tel: 0579-82136789, 82136788; E-mail: zyy@jhszyy.comjhszyy@163.com; Fax: 0579-82136611; Post code: 321017, Address: No. 439 West Shuangxi Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province; Website: http://www.jhszyy.com traffic routes of the hospital

  Jinhua People's Hospital

   Hospital introduction; Address: No. 228 Xinhua Street, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, Post Code: 321000; Tel: 0579-82324824, Attendance Tel: 0579-82308596, 13586998073; Complaints Tel: 0579-82308610; E-mail: jhsrmyy@163.com; Website: http://www.jhhospital.com; Fax: 0579-82325625; Bus route: No. 18, K18 and, 28, from K28, 32, 35 or K35 in your worksheet, No. 36, K36, 37, K37, 38, K38, 301, K301, 305,309,315 Tour 7, Tour 9,312,314 315,322 and 352

  Jinhua Second Hospital

   Hospital introduction; Hospital address: No. 158 Fangyan Street, Wucheng District, Jinhua; Tel of Customer Service Center: 0579-82271942; Tel of each division in the hospital; Bus: No. K301 and K509

  The Fifth Hospital of Jinhua (Hospital introduction; Address: No. 208 Wuyi Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province; Tel: (0579) 82368506, enquiry: 82368187, Emergency Tel: (0579) 2368120, telephone No. of Dermatology Division: 82368527; Website: http://www.jh-hospital.com.cn; Transportation: Take Bus No. K515, K524, 127, 38, 310 or 52 (one way) to the Fifth Hospital)

  Wenrong Hospital of Jinhua, Zhejiang

    Address: No. 768 Donglai Road, Municipal District, Jinhua, Zhejiang; Tel: 0579-83220120; Bus: End of Yiwu Street (224 m); No. 19 and 127

  Jinhua Maternal and Child Health Hospital

   Hospital introduction Jiangbei General Hospital: Address: No. 288 Qingchun Road, Jinhua; Tel: 0579-82117367; City transportation: Bus No. 26, 27, 35 and 58 can directly arrive. Jiangnan Outpatient Clinic: Address: No. 15 Xingxue Road, Jinhua; Tel: 82394650, Transportation: Take Bus No. 5, 8, 13, 20, 27, 30, 34, 35, 37, 39 or K520, and get off at the Fifth Middle School of Jinhua

  Jinhua Ophthalmologic Hospital

   Hospital introduction; Address: No. 511-513 East Renmin Road, Jinhua, Post Code: 321000; Tel: 0579-82338120; Fax: 0579-82327999; E-mail: jh1001@yahoo.cn; Website: http://www.jheye.com/; Bus routes

  Jinhua Disease Prevention and Control Center

   Introduction of the Center; Address: No. 458 Mingyue Street, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, Post Code 321000; Tel: 0579-82339363; Night attendance Tel: 0579-82339041; Website: http://www.jhcdc.cn/ Common telephone No. Remarks: the Office, Finance Division, Quality Management Division, AIDS and Tuberculosis Control Division, Infectious Disease Control Division, Health Education Division, Public Health Division, Endemic Chronic Disease Prevention Division, physical and Chemical Inspection Division, Microbiological Inspection Divisionof the CDC will move to the Jinhua Public Health Center (No. 1366 Jinou Road, opposite to Jinbao Riverview Apartment); for business contact, please take Bus No. K24 or 16 to get off at Jinbao Riverview Apartments Station. Remarks: Employees’ health physical examination and the transaction of health certificates are still in the old center (No. 458 Mingyue Street

  •Jinhua Blood Bank

    Introduction; Address: No. 200 Qingchun Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province; Post Code: 321000; Blood Donation Hotline: 8008579050, 0579-82118479, 82117954 (night); Office: 82118161; E-mail: jhbc@jhbloodcenter.org; Supervision and reporting Tel: 0579-82118161

  Jinhua Health Education and Training Center

  Jinhua Family Planning Publicity and Technical Guidance Station