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Post Time: 09/04/2018

  In the third and final week of the project, the group’s creations took to the streets of Suoyuan Village. Our members positioned the pots across the main attractions of the village, and filled them with plants and flowers of note for the region. Alongside the research we have published in our helpful brochure that visitors may use to come to a greater understanding of Suoyuan’s vibrant gardens, we have also collated interesting information on horticulture in the respective nationsof our participants. From this we hope to bring international colour to this project, and to shed more light on the nations of the participants who have left their mark on this global village. You will be able to see entries on the respective countries below. If you are feeling a little more adventurous however, you may find QR codes attached to each of our pots, which will take you to some interesting information corresponding to its representativenation. We hope you enjoy our little homage to Jindong’s international flavour, as well as all the vibrant greenery that Suoyuan has to offer!


  Joyce Sng

  In a village like Suoyuan, it will be miraculous to find a gym if you are thinking of keeping fit. The best alternative here is to do cycling – in the Greenway. The Greenway is a well-developed and maintained track provided for recreational activities. To promote the use of the Greenway and advocate for healthy living, the rental of e-bikes is available behind the Tourist Centre at Suoyuan Village for better facilitation.

  The route along the Greenway is generally smooth, almost effortless except for a few uphill slopes that will require more acceleration. Apart from that, you can just relax but don’t forget to focus on your surroundings as well, as the view is the best part of the journey! If you are feeling tired, take a pit stop along the stream and snap pictures of the magnificent floating lotuses. Also, taking in consideration of the weather, it is recommended best to go early in the morning before the afternoon sun strikes. However, if you want to escape from those strong rays in the afternoon, wandering into the small lanes of the neighborhood villages may be a preferred choice.

  In first week we went outside to have some conversation with the villagers and also with the guide who has knowledge and experience about the Suoyuan history and for that we prepared our own questions. Research concerning the tasks and results about the precedent participant regarding the protection of the ancient architecture. Research to get ideas about how other countries are protecting their cultural heritage.

  As a matter of fact, “99 Footprints of Shangjing” is just a tiny part of the Fairy Tales Trail project, but as it will serve as the entrance to the International Fairy Tales Garden, the completion of this piece is a significant step that demonstrates the progress of the project as a whole. Apart from the “Footprints,” participants are working on a fairy tales trail, an installation called “The Long Walk from Shangjing to Beijing” in the bamboo forest, and the “Pavilion of the Frog King.”

  “We hope we can preserve and restore both side walls of the ruins. Many may consider this a very difficult task, but it cannot be denied that these walls have witnessed hundreds of years of history.” This statement proved to be a common point for the whole group. On the afternoon of September 9, the international participants of the Shangjing session of the JH gathered in Chongli Hall – the location designed as Salon Area for the project – to conduct workgroup discussions about the fairy tales trail project. Story by story, fairy tales from all over world came together.

  The Fairy Tales Trail will consist of three major sites in the village: the International Garden at Yuanji Hall, an explorative and interactive trail through the village, and a special trail in the village's bamboo forest. The draft plan for the International Garden includes a number of fairy tales of different kinds and from different countries exhibited on the ruins of Yuanji Hall, which will be restored accordingly. The bamboo forest will become a retreat location from which it will be possible to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Shangjing. The interactive trail will present different tales – The Three Little Pigs and Sleeping Beauty, among others – in various forms and will include audio-visual effects. The primary aim of this project is to provide children with a fun way of learning about fairy tales, nature, and historical villages.

  Participants of the first session make tofu

  Interview: The Bamboo weaving Master

  Paper cutting class with Chen Yuejin

  Taiji competition to see who could find the most Taiji symbols in the village.

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