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People's Square Rim Business District

Urban area north of Wujiang River, as far east as Mingyue Street, as far south as Zhongshan Road, as far west as Huixi Street and as far north as Jiefang Road.  

Jiangnan Business Center

Expand along Binhong Road, Liyu Road, Lanxi Road and South Bayi Street and with a shape of Chinese character "kai".  

Ham Street

Expand along the Qingnian Road, West Renmin Road and Dier Road near the West Jinhua Railway Station and the Third Middle School ofJinhua.

Dongyang China Woodcarvings City (National 4A ScenicSpot) No. 188, Shimao Avenue, Dongyang City


China Yiwu International Trade Mart (National 4A Scenicspot) North Chouzhou Road, Futian Road Block, Yiwu City.


Yongkang (China Science and Technology) Hardware City No. 18, West Wujin Road, Yongkang City.  
Pan’an Chinese Medical Herbs Market

No.88, Yaocheng Road, Xincheng District, Pan’an County.